Collider did a great interview with Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer, the two new executive producers on “Smallville”. They talk about the fresh new direction of the show, the departures of Kristen Kreuk (Lana Lang) and Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor), returning guests (Martian Manhunter, Impulse, Green Arrow, Aquaman, among others) and what new faces we’ll be seeing (Zatanna? Maybe). You can read the interview here.

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  1. The M says:

    I really like Smallville, but I fell behind on the last two seasons. Whenever I watch an ep now, I feel like I’m missing something. Gotta get the DVDs when they come out, huh?

    I can imagine the show without Lana. Never cared for her. But the show without Lex will be just odd to me. Will take some adjustment. Still, I’m lookin’ forward to what can be done!

  2. ThePit says:

    I was a fan and fell out of the loop also. They had so many repetitive story lines. This season looks interesting though, I think I’ll give the show another chance.