Brian Austin Green and Tori Spelling as David and DonnaThe countdown to the new 90210 ended and had great results for the CW. And now comes word from another original cast member about whether or not he’d be open to returning to the series that launched his career and the zipcode that was his home for 10 years. (A hint, he is on the image to the left).

While on the set of his hit show, “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles“, Brian Austin Green spoke to Zap2It and of course talk turned to the new 90210. They asked him if he’d make an appearance or cameo on the show, and his answer shows that hes in the very least open to the idea; “Time, I think, ultimately. If I had the time, I think I’d do it.”

Time and his bosses at Fox would have to approve him guesting on another Network’s show.  90210 itself has the door wide open for him to return someday. His little sister is one of the new kids on the block, and his step sister, Jennie Garth’s Kelly Taylor, and nephew Sammy are also cast members.  David Silver is a character that I’d picture moving to New York after the show ended (career wise I’d be a good move, if Donna would go, well, that is another story).

So, lets take a look at our returning original cast members chart:

90210 Original Cast Members Chart, who is returning to the new 90210

So far, we have of course had appearances by Jennie Garth’s Kelly Taylor and Shannen Doherty’s Brenda Walsh (never thought that would have been possible).  Garth has an open ended contract, so it is likely that we’ll see her for a while. Doherty is signed up for 3 more episodes, but she seems open to doing more later.

The next likely to show up is Donna Martin, aka Tori Spelling. She was originally going to appear in the new 90210’s pilot, but pulled out due to contract issues (yeah, she wanted more money). Things like that are usually easy to get ironed out. Even if neither side wants to give in, a compromise can usually be met.

If she returns, it’d be a great place to have the David Silver (Brian Austin Green) cameo. They can be on the phone together if he’s out of town (making it umber easy for Green to shoot at any time or on any TV lot).

Ian Ziering I have marked off as a maybe on the chart. Right when reports of the new show hit the web, he expressed interest on being on the show. A few weeks past and suddenly he is making like he never expressed that interest. Could it be that he is already signed up to return at some point and the show wants to keep it secret? Or did they offer him the same money that Spelling rejected? Or did he just have a change of heart? I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Steve Sanders randomly pop up in Beverley Hills.

This leads us to the two ex-teenage heartthrobs, Luke Perry’s Dylan and Jason Priestley’s Brandon Walsh. Both have said no to returning to the show. Perry seemed in the middle, while Priestley said he’d only return to direct episodes. Of the two characters, Brandon has been mentioned on the new show, while everyone has been mum on Dylan and what he is up to (you’d think his two ex-lovers would make a joke at his expense or something).  While I have them marked on the chart as “not returning” I have hope that this might change. We should just give it time.

Finally, we have Gabrielle Carteris, the loveable nerd Andrea Zuckerman.  Carteris has been completely silent about the new 90210, but that might just be because no one has asked her about it yet. The pilot of the new show featured an appearance by Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez, Andrea’s daughter, which means that she is likely in or around the zip. If you remember from the original series, Andrea didn’t live in Beverley Hills and was attending West Beverley High illegally (using a fake address!), maybe the little Zucker(man) is doing the same thing. Or I could totally be looking way to deep into this.

90210 airs its next new episode on Tuesday, September 16th.