This is an example of a free stock image from

Are you looking for an abstract picture to be the background of your new blog? How about a beautiful landscape to use as the background in your new movie’s poster? Having access to a variety of stock images at your feet is in very important when you don’t have much in terms of funds, but have big ideas. Continue reading to find free stock images.

I recently found two excellent websites where you can search through and use free stock images. They are:

Both of these sites are free to use and open to the public. Between the two of them, you should have no trouble finding the stock photos that you need for your latest project. Also, don’t forget, there are a ton of free fonts that you can use when you are picture editing and website building.

Here are a few examples of the types of free stock photos that you can find at these sites:

Example of a free stock image, this picture is looking up at a buildingExample of a free stock imageExample of a free stock image