90210... Who is Kelly Taylor\'s Baby Daddy?

Last night on the all new 90210 we learned who Kelly Taylor’s baby daddy is. Continue reading for the shocking spoiler…

“You’re never gonna be happy with someone else because you’re still in love with Dylan, and you know it!”

Brenda snapped at Kelly while arguing about the father of Kelly’s son and how her dating someone else could affect him. The (nowhere near shocking) twist felt natural and I’m glad they worked it into the story in such a seamless and organic way.

I was semi shocked that they revealed who the father was so soon. I expected them to drag it out for the rest of the season and try to get the father to make an appearance during sweeps (hopefully they still do the latter).  Will Dylan (Luke Perry) make a return appearence?

We’ve been keeping track of who from the original cast is likely to return to 90210.