Disney's Bolt

While it is not from Pixar, Disney’s animated film “BOLT” looks like a lot of fun. I saw multiple scenes (including the one I’m about to link) and a behind the scenes feature at Comic Con, and I really liked everything I saw. The film feels like a Goonies style adventure film with a cute “ready for the action” dog, a “misplaced” cat, and a “scene stealing” hamster. If you don’t know the plot yet, “BOLT” focuses on a TV canine action star of the same name (voiced by John Travolta), who doesn’t know that he’s an actor and thinks that he really is a superpowered hero. After mistakenly thinking that his co-star (Miley Cyrus) is kidnapped by an evil villain (Malcolm McDowell), Bolt escapes his captors (handlers) and embarks on a cross country rescue operation, meeting Rhino (Mark Walton), a TV obsessed hamster, and capturing Mittens (Susie Essman), who Bolt thinks is conspiring with the enemy (because you know, all cats are evil).

Watch the extended clip from Disney’s “BOLT” here. And check out these awesome pictures:

Disney\'s BoltDisney\'s Bolt

Disney's BoltDisney\'s Bolt