The Lizard vs Spiderman

We can all have a collective sigh of relief, Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire have signed on to Spider-Man 4 and 5! With them on board, it’ll only be a matter of time before Kristen Dunst signs on the dotted line.  Bryce Dallas Howard is ready to go back to work as Gwen Stacey, and I think we can assume J.K. Simmons, Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi will be back to steal scenes. The only big question mark is who will Spider-man face in the film? Villains like Man-Wolf and Carnage have been set up in earlier films, but I doubt we’ll see either of them. Who would I like to see Spider-Man take on? Read on for my thoughts.

Asides Man-Wolf and Carnage, one of Spider-Man’s most beloved villains has been set up to take center stage. That would be…

Could the Lizard be in Spiderman 4?The Lizard!

Dylan Baker brought Dr. Curt Connors to life in both Spider-Man 2 and 3, and no other villain would be as organic to the series. Plus, Sam Raimi has mentioned in the past his love for the character, who also happens to be a fan favorite. As we learned with Raimi’s take on Venom in Spider-Man 3, it is always better to have a director that really cares about a character, and isn’t forcing them into the film due to an egar studio.

If the Lizard is apart of Spider-Man 4, I think they would have to bring in a more sinister character to add a real dynamic to the film and keep things fresh. The Lizard’s story in the comics is very similar to how they presented Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man 2. So, who would be better to hunt down both the Lizard and Spider-Man, but…

Kraven the Hunter is one of spiderman\'s most deadly villainsKraven the Hunter!

He is just as quick and strong as Spider-Man, which would make their fight across Manhattan memorable. Not to mention that Spider-Man would have to deal with both Kraven and the Lizard, who he’d have to protect from Kraven, while trying to stop him from hurting innocents or himself.

Kraven is also an interesting villain because hes far from evil. He has an animal urge and a desire for the hunt, but he only goes after his prey.

Of course, I could be way off base assuming that the Lizard would be one of the key villains.  If the Lizard isn’t in the film, than I couldn’t imagine that Kraven would be used. Which leads me to…

The Vulture is a Spiderman VillainThe Vulture!

Also one of Raimi’s favorites, the Vulture is one of Spider-Man’s original rogues, and there were a lot of rumors that he was the preferred villain by Raimi for Spider-Man 3. That was before the studio made him replace Vulture with Venom. Visually, the Vulture would be better than both Kraven and the Lizard, as he flies through the air trading blows with Spidy.  Also, a villain that is able to steal youth could be a great way to show Peter Parker growing up and moving forward in life.

Now, who says that every villain needs to be the big bad? For once, I’d finally like to see Spider-Man face someone stronger than a mugger in one of the film’s fighting montages or the opening of the film. That’s why I’d propose them throwing this guy into the mix…

Spiderman 4 VillainsThe Rhino!

While I wouldn’t want to see this guy anchor the film, I think he could be used for a really cool fight sequence. We don’t need to know his origin, or motives, I just want to see a straight up fight between him and the webslinger showing that the Spider-Man universe is made up of a lot of extra ordinary characters.

There are of course a lot of other interesting villains in Spider-Man’s rogue gallery; Shocker, Hobgoblin, Kingpin, Tombstone, Chameleon, Morbius… the list could go on for hours. Who would you like to see Spider-Man fight in the next movie?

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  1. The DarKnight says:

    I swear on my family i was thinking the exact same thing. Kraven and Lizard makes perfect sense. Vulture would be cool in a movie also. Imagine a air battle with vulture and spiderman. I can see ryno in a film but ofcource not a main villain. There could be a fight to start of a film and have ryno causing the trouble. I can see only one battle involving ryno in the film, because hes dumb and spiderman could out smart him easy. But what about the shoker. A film can start off with a bank robbery, Shoker could be robbing the bank with his henchmen. Spiderman could show up and we could have a 20 minute battle go down. Would be cool. Scorpion could also be in a film. Hes allways been one of my favourites. Hes storyline would work in a film and he could make for a couple good fight scenes. But all the movies need a main villain. Notice Goblin, Doc ock, and Sandman. Adding Another main villain venom ruined the 3rd film. Not sam raimis fault but. I think this is how it should go.

    Spidy 4 Shoker to start of the film. Lizard, Kraven Now i know thats 3 villains. But spidy 3 was not ruined cause of 3 villains. But because they added the blacksuit, sandman, Venom, Gwen stacy, New goblin, And more. There was just to much involved. Thats what ruined the 3rd film. Besides shoker could only be used for the opening scene(a bank robbery scene). And then have him locked up in jail. Then bring on Lizard an kravens stories.

    Spidy 5 Vulture and electro. Two powerfull villains would fill up a hole two and a half hour film. And probly be the best movie in the series if done right.

    Spidy 6 (if they make it) Now this one is very hard. But I think scorpion should be in it. He has a very good story line. Now i would say carnage as well. But i dont think they can pull him off because they allready brought in venom and killed him. So if they cant put him in then i dont know what to do. I dont think they will do it this way but its how i would wanna see it.

  2. beast says:

    i think they should introduce kingpin into spiderman i dont rmemeber him as much from comics as the show cus he was in like evry episode buthe should put together the sinister six and maybe they can get a daredevil appearence since kingpin was the villain in that movie. the villains could be kraven vulture chameleon rhino shocker and mysterio. the only thing is they would spend like an hour just making backround stories fo all of them but the fights would be pretty insane with six against one(2 if they throw in daredevil)and they could trhow in lizard or carnage in if they want since they pretty much already made those stories. just get cassidy to work at the construction site were brock died he finds the symbiote BAM he carnage. or connors grows the arm and hes lizard.

  3. world of warcraft hacks says:

    spiderman is my favorite hero

  4. chris says:

    bring on lizard,kraven,and carnage, then bring back doc ock he was awesome have his mind being controlled by the arm’s,he and the lizard are my favorites.

  5. The Pit says:

    I’d also love to see Doc Ock return. Maybe he could lead the Sinister Six against Spidy?

  6. Dan says:

    The Sinister Six would make such an awesome movie. Alfred Molina even said recently that he’d love to be in Spiderman 4, so Doc Ock could come back!!

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