The Amazing Spider-Man is in some trouble...

Preview: Amazing Spider-Man #570

While we have no idea who Spider-Man will face in his 4th and 5th films, he is up against some major trouble in the comics!

After recent bouts with new villains such as Menace, Screwball, and Freak, Spider-Man will now have his hands full with his old school gallery when he faces the Green Goblin (Norman Osborn), Venom (now Mac Gargan, the former Scorpion), Bullseye, and Eddie Brock, who is now the Anti-Venom.

Last Wednesday, in Amazing Spider-Man #570, Spider-Man had to face off against both Venom and the Anti-Venom (pictured above), who both not only wanted to kill him, but also each other.

The Amazing Spider-Man faces the Green Goblin

Preview: Amazing Spider-Man #571

On the heels of that battle, old meets new again in Amazing Spider-Man #571 (pictured above, click to enlarge) when the Green Goblin and the new “glider rider” Menace battle with Manhattan and Spider-Man caught in the middle.  To make matters worse, the Thunderbolts and Bullseye are out for Spider-Man’s blood.

Who else thinks that Spider-Man should take a step back and let the villains take each other out for once? The new issue hits stands on Wednesday, September 10th. You can check out more previews from Marvel Comics at their official website.

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