José Saramago’s Nobel Prize winning novel is one amazing piece of work. The flow of the novel is so strong; it reads like free writing with very little punctuation and pauses. It’s very visual while offering a glimpse into the frantic and horrifying minds of the blind. I am thoroughly enjoying the read.

I am a bit apprehensive about the film adaptation. As I read the book, I find myself wondering how a film could adapt such a unique literary style. Translated literally onto the screen I’m afraid the story would fall flat. There needs to be something that offers the haunting aspect that Saramago’s prose gives us in the novel. From what I understand (though I have only seen the brief teaser) the filmmakers are trying to be true to the novel in all aspects, even allowing their characters to remain unnamed as in the book. I can’t help but think how difficult this must have been to adapt, but I’m very anxious to see the attempt.

Also, while reading the novel I find myself picturing a different looking couple for the doctor and the doctor’s wife who are portrayed by Mark Ruffalo and Julanne Moore in the film. For some reason, I’ve been picturing someone older for the doctor, along the lines of Tom Wilkinson and someone younger, but with a run down look for the wife, such as Robin Wright Penn. It will be strange to see the younger couple in action on the screen, but I’m especially excited to see what Mark Ruffalo will do with the role.

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