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Within the first five minutes of the show Molly’s life seems to be completely fixed.  She is reinstated into all of her committees, and the UAA agency is interested in her writing.  Clearly everything is too good to be true.  As Kenny (David Alan Basche) urges Molly to do whatever the agency wants (an understandable position), Zach (Hart Bochner) warns her that it will be selling out.  Both men come off as complete jerks to me.

As usual, the more interesting story is not about Molly, but rather, her friends.  Liz (Danielle Nicolet) thinks she has caught her husband cheating when they follow him to a strange woman’s house, but it turns out to be a psychiatrist, Rodney (Chris Diamantopoulos) stands up to Felix (his closeted love interest), and Joan (Judy Davis) has an affair.

All in all it wasn’t a phenomenal episode, but not terrible either.  Molly is getting progressively less pathetic than in the first few episodes, but she is still not the engaging Molly of the Mini Series.  I believe that the next episode will be better with the return of Lou (Joe Mantegna), as he really was Molly’s prince charming.  For some reason, I find Molly’s currently love interest, Zach, extremely unlikable.  Even her ex-husband, Kenny, is a more sympatheic character.  I have my finger’s crossed for tonight’s episode.

The Starter Wife airs every Friday at 10pm on the USA Network.

Two really funny clips from Kevin Smith’s Zack and Miri Make a Porno have been released. The first clip, which is introduced by Smith, features all of the film’s main players (Seth Rogan, Elizabeth Banks, Craig Robinson, Jason Mewes, and others) as they discuss the the type of porno that they will be making. The second clip is introduced by Robinson and features him and Seth Rogan’s Zack talking about Zack’s upcoming 10 year high school reunion.

Continue reading to watch the clips. Just a heads up, these are rated R an might not be safe for work.

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Edward, Bella, James and gang in Twilight

Last week we got a handful of new photos from the film adaptation of Twilight, and now we have a new poster.  Pictured above, the poster features Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart) in the foreground with the movie’s trio of villains, James (Cam Gigandet), Laurent (Edi Gathegi), and Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre), in the background.

Continue reading to check out the Bella and Edward character teasers.

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This week, Marvel Comics brings us Amazing Spider-Man #575, the first part of “Family Ties”.  Written by Joe Kelly with art/cover by Chris Bachalo, the story sees the return of Hammerhead, a classic Spider-Man villain.

Marvel’s official description of the issue:  As the Mayoral election ramps up, gang activity is at an all time high…and Mr. Negative’s newest enforcer, HAMMERHEAD, works to bring all the gangs under one banner…or else. With some of the kids from Aunt May’s F.E.A.S.T. center caught in the crossfire, Spidey stands up to his old foe…but Hammerhead’s got some new tricks and even Spider-Man can’t stop him this time as Joe Kelly (Deadpool) and Chris Bachalo (Uncanny X-Men) bring you FAMILY TIES!

Continue reading to check out a Q&A video with Joe Kelly about the new issue.

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Family Guy Vol. 6 DVD

Are you a fan of Family Guy? Want to take home the new Family Guy Vol. 6 DVD for free? All you have to do to be entered into the contest to win the DVD is post a comment on this article with your favorite Family Guy episode. The winner will be randomly selected and contacted through the e-mail address provided. A winner will be drawn on November 8th, 2008. Good luck!

UPDATED! – And the winner is… B-Dawg.

A special thanks to everyone who has been checking out the site and took the time to comment and enter the contest. We’ll be posting a new contest this weekend, keep checking back to see what it is for!

And you can continue reading to check out the Family Guy Vol. 6 DVD details and contest eligibility.

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Indy Mogul, the do-it-yourself filmmaking network, have expanded with an all new weekly webseries The Best Short Films in the World. The new series joins Backyard FX, Q&Eric Live, and Four Minute Film School, the latter of which is on hiatus.

The Best Short Films in the World, is hosted by Bobby Miller who chooses four films a week to spotlight based on a specific theme. Past weeks have included dating, prison, nature, and food. This week’s theme is near and dear to my heart, slasher films. Check out the new episode below.

You can watch more episodes and check out Indy Mogul’s whole network of goodies here.

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