Showtime has gone ahead and picked up Dexter for two more seasons, ensuring that “America’s favorite serial killer” will be keeping bad guys off the streets for a forth and fifth season.

Currently airing its third season, the show has become Showtime’s highest rated program. The series focuses on Dexter, portrayed by Michael C. Hall, a Miami Police Department forensics specialist who uses his special skills and department connections to identify criminals who have fallen between the cracks of the justice system, then uses his blood lust and serial killer urges in a positive way (well, positive compared to the alternative) to take them off the streets permanently.

Dexter has a lack of remorse for his actions that makes him even more intriguing. He is never trying to get the audience on his side. He never sways us with lies or sugar coats what he does. Yet for a reason even I don’t know, I can’t help but get behind him and root for him.

Dexter airs on Sundays at 9pm on Showtime.