This book did not impress me, but this trailer on the other hand makes the film look very funny.  Probably because it’s better to watch someone funny like Simon Pegg play an idiot who screws everything up, than it is to read the actual accounts of a real life idiot who was handed everything and flushed it all away.

The best elements from the memoir are there- from asking a popular actor if he’s gay in an interview (in the memoir it was Nathan Lane) to the stripper on “Take Your Daughter to Work Day.”  However, it looks like they’ve changed and blended a lot of the characters, for instance I’m pretty sure Kirsten Dunst’s character is a mix of two female characters from the book with a little bit of fictional character to beef up her part.  And I’m pretty sure Sophie (Megan Fox) was a model in the book, though the whole thing with the dog happened to a hot, young assistant.

I think this movie looks hysterical.  Simon Pegg is perfect to play the sad sack Toby/Sydney Young and as morbid as it may seem- I can’t wait to see how his missteps play out on screen.  His bad fortune may make for comedy gold.