I have a feeling that this film might be one of those situations where you either like the book and not the movie, or vice versa. Or maybe it’s more what you saw or read first. Either way, I really enjoyed the book, but don’t have high hopes for the film. While Kat Dennings is an inspired choice for Norah, I just don’t see Michael Cera as Nick. To be honest, he’s just not cool enough.

There are certain parts of the trailer that are lifted right from the book, such as when Nick’s friends take Caroline off Nick and Norah’s hands, but mostly it looks like a lot of changes. For one, it’s Norah that asks Nick to be her “boyfriend for 5 minutes” rather than the other way around as in the book, and it leads me to wonder why. Also, the subplot with losing Caroline seems completely unnecessary.

The book has such a rushed, immediate, living-one-moment-to-the-next tone to it that it seems impossible to translate to film. If anything, though, it looks like it’ll at least have an awesome soundtrack.