Along with the many other fans of the mini-series I am a bit disappointed with the start of The Starter Wife series on USA Network. I can handle the replacement of Molly’s ex-husband in the Bewitched fashion (originally Peter Jacobson, the role is now filled by David Alan Basche), but ignoring the fact that most of Molly’s friends are gone is unacceptable. I understand that actors move on and almost all of the missing characters have parts in other successful shows, but the writers needed to somehow compensate for that.

I did enjoy that the series continues to foreshadow the plot with flashes of the characters in scenes of famous movies, but Molly as the “Virgin Queen” is something no one wants to see. I was hoping that the story would pick up when it became possible that Molly might get a job as a writer while attending Zach the novelist’s party, but instead more tragedy struck Molly when her diary was stolen.

Who leaves their purse, especially one with a very private diary in it, unguarded at a party? Molly certainly should have known better. Now Molly has no job, and might lose her only new friend, Liz Marsh (Danielle Nicolet), because whoever stole Molly’s diary is publishing her private stories on the Internet, including one about Liz.

Overall, the storyline was less than engaging and Molly seems much more pathetic than she did ever before. At this point I will continue to watch in support of Debra Messing and in hopes that the show will improve.

To watch the premiere episode of The Starter Wife, click here. The show’s next new episode, “The Remains of the Snow Day”, airs tonight at 10pm on the USA Network.