Debra Messing is The Starter Wife

The Starter Wife 1.03 – “Remains of a Snow Day”

As word gets out that Molly is the “Hollywood Ex-Wife” her life continues in a seemingly endless downward spiral.  Molly has essentially been banned from all PTA functions including Snow Day, a function she organized herself.  Didn’t Lou Manahan (Joe Mantegna) already fix this problem in the mini series?  Where is he anyway?  Molly needs some serious rescuing especially since her new love interest Zach McNeill (Hart Bochner) only seems to be leading her into more trouble.

Zach went with Molly to confront Dizzy Land (the man who is posting her journal entries on the Internet), and allowed her to make a fool of herself.  I personally am glad Molly knocked Zach out with Dizzy Land’s laptop.  He certainly was not helping just by standing there.

More importantly I should mention the positive points of the episode in the storyline surrounding Molly.  It is understandable why Liz Marsh (Danielle Nicolet) would so quickly forgive Molly because Liz’s marriage is in serious trouble and she is going to a need a friend. Molly’s friend Joan McAllister (Judy Davis) finally pushed Molly in the right direction by making her spend the weekend in Destinies, a rehab facility where Joan is working, to clear her head.   Their friend, Rodney (Chris Diamantopolous) joined the ladies while at Destinies and has by far the most interesting storyline.  Rodney, is the model gay best friend, and he is having an affair with a famous athlete.  What more could you want from a character?  He always knows the right thing to say to Molly and has even offered himself up to Joan in order to stop her from sleeping with the wrong man.

Finally, the glimmer of hope in the episode for Molly is that she decides to go to Snow Day with her daughter despite being banned.  She has decided to face her problems head on and is willing to get tossed around a little in the process.  In the last five minutes of the episode I saw the Molly that had engaged me for all six hours of the mini series and I hope she continues to show up every Friday night from now on.  I look forward to next Friday night and hope you all will continue on Molly’s journey with me, as I am not ready for this show to be canceled just yet.

The Starter Wife airs every Friday at 10pm on the USA Network.