Within the first five minutes of the show Molly’s life seems to be completely fixed.  She is reinstated into all of her committees, and the UAA agency is interested in her writing.  Clearly everything is too good to be true.  As Kenny (David Alan Basche) urges Molly to do whatever the agency wants (an understandable position), Zach (Hart Bochner) warns her that it will be selling out.  Both men come off as complete jerks to me.

As usual, the more interesting story is not about Molly, but rather, her friends.  Liz (Danielle Nicolet) thinks she has caught her husband cheating when they follow him to a strange woman’s house, but it turns out to be a psychiatrist, Rodney (Chris Diamantopoulos) stands up to Felix (his closeted love interest), and Joan (Judy Davis) has an affair.

All in all it wasn’t a phenomenal episode, but not terrible either.  Molly is getting progressively less pathetic than in the first few episodes, but she is still not the engaging Molly of the Mini Series.  I believe that the next episode will be better with the return of Lou (Joe Mantegna), as he really was Molly’s prince charming.  For some reason, I find Molly’s currently love interest, Zach, extremely unlikable.  Even her ex-husband, Kenny, is a more sympatheic character.  I have my finger’s crossed for tonight’s episode.

The Starter Wife airs every Friday at 10pm on the USA Network.