Okay, so the show might not be “king”, but they might remain on that hill longer. Just a week after King of the Hill was canceled from FOX comes word that ABC is looking into picking up the series.  The series has been on for 14 years and has had its up and downs (FOX already canceled and revived the program on more than one occasion).

This move makes a lot of sense for ABC, who will be airing The Goode Famly, a new animated comedy from Mike Judge, John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky (the team behind Hill). Not only would King of the Hill make a great companion for Goode, but it would add a built in audience for the new show and give it more of a fighting chance.

It is unknown when FOX would be pulling the plug on Hill, as it has more than enough episodes to take the show through the fall.  Variety speculates that ABC might make a move to buy the remaining episodes from FOX due to the long lead time it takes to get animated episodes produced.

Hey, FOX has MacFarlane, why shouldn’t ABC have Judge?