For some strange reason, it really does not feel like the weekend. Anyhows, here are a few articles and videos to keep you busy with your morning coffee, tea, hot coca, or whatever you might prefer.

  • JCVD is out in limited release in New York City! Next week it expands to six more cities. Time has an excellent look at the new film starring the Muscles from Brussels in a role unlike anything he has ever been in. (Time)
  • No Good TV has an exclusive behind the scenes look at Repo! The Genetic Opera. (NGTV)
  • FOX has released a trailer for their two hour 24 TV movie, 24: Redemption.  Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) beats up a whole bunch of new bad guys… (Variety)
  • It is pretty much official, Brett Ratner is going to wreck another franchise. (THR)