It’s November Sweeps! That means we should expect big guest stars, surprise returns, and huge events over the next month of TV!  And Smallville is no exception.

On tonight’s episode we get the Phantom Zone, the return of Laura Vandervoort as Kara (aka Supergirl), and a superpowered Lois Lane rampaging through Metropolis. The one thing I don’t think we’ll see is Smallville (hey, I’d be all for renaming the series Metropolis!).

Click these pictures from the new episode to enlarge.

What else is on durning sweeps?


  • ABC: Ugly Betty (Drama)
  • CBS: Survivor (Reality)
  • FOX: Kitchen Nightmares (Reality)
  • NBC: My Name is Earl/Kath & Kim (Comedies)


  • ABC: Grey’s Anatomy (Medical/Drama)
  • CBS: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Crime/Drama)
  • CW: Supernatural (Horror/Action/Drama)
  • NBC: The Office/30 Rock (Comedies)


  • ABC: Life on Mars (Crime/Drama)
  • CBS: Eleventh Hour (Supernatural/Drama)
  • NBC: ER (Medical/Drama)