Tonight is an awesome night for new TV! There is something for everyone along with a whole lot of new comedy. On the top of the pack is 30 Rock, which airs at 9:30pm on NBC. Titled “Senor Macho Solo”, the new episodes features both Salma Hayek and Peter Dinklage.

“Senor Macho Solo” Official Description: “Liz’s quest to have a baby takes a peculiar turn when she grows attracted to a new fellow (Dinklage). And Jack’s a busy man: He woos his mother’s nurse (Hayek); helps Jenna score a role as Janis Joplin; and gives marriage pointers to Tracy and his wife (Sherri Shepherd).”

Also on tonight:


  • ABC: Ugly Better (Comedy/Drama)
  • NBC: My Name is Earl/Kath & Kim (Comedies)


  • ABC: Grey’s Anatomy (Medical Drama)


  • ABC: Private Practice (Medical Drama)
  • NBC: ER (Medical Drama)