Hollywood the Game, Free Online Simulation Game

Hollywood is the capital of make believe.  Online, the capital of make believe Hollywood is Hollywood the Game (www.hollywoodthegame.com), the Internet’s top Hollywood simulation. The game lets you participate in the world of making movies through an interactive virtual Hollywood town.

Virtual films are the highlight of Hollywood the Game (also known as HTG).  As a player you can pitch your concept, write a script, cast your stars, mount an advertising campaign, and bring your dream movie to the silver screen.

In HTG you start your rise to fame in virtual Hollywood as a struggling producer with $500,000 in your pocket and visions of success.  You can make your fortune in a variety of possible careers – writer, editor, movie or television producer, creative artist, journalist, critic, real estate agent, or whatever it takes to put that green in your game bank account.  Soon you’ll be moving from the mean streets of the Slums to a nice small place in HTG Valley, then on to a grand villa in HTG Malibu.

Hollywood the Game is more than a game.  It’s an online community of writers, movie and television fans. Have your work reviewed and get tips from other upcoming writers, filmmakers and creative artists. Collaborate and network while having fun.

Signing up for the game is free.  There’s never a charge.  Click here to check out the site. Who knows?  You might be the next hotshot at the top of the HTG box office!