I saw this film in theaters and in 3D, which is such a great way to see an animated film of this caliber.

Disney\'s Bolt

On the popular science fiction television series “Bolt,” stars Penny (Miley Cyrus) and her dog Bolt (John Travolta) fight against evil scientists to save the world. Only, Bolt thinks the whole thing is real, including his super powers. One day when he is let loose thinking Penny has been kidnapped and finds himself on the other side of the country. Along with a stray cat, Mittens (Susie Essman), and an obsessed fanboy hamster, Rhino (Mark Walton), they set off from NY to LA to save Penny.

I have to give a forewarning to any dog people out there that this film may make you weep. Mixing a good dog/owner relationship with a sweet reunion was enough to push me over the edge on the emotions. This film was adorable and just the right mix of sweet sentiment with humor. Rhino’s character is downright hysterical and you’ll never look at your hamster the same way again. My only complaint was that I was embarrassed coming out of the theater with puffy red eyes.


Best Animated Feature
I love that this is here and I want to root for it, but WALL-E is just too good. Sorry, Bolt.