Charlie Brown Valentines Special

Tonight at 8pm are two back to back Charlie Brown specials; Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown and A Charlie Brown Valentine. Peanuts specials have always had a special place in my heart and I have never seen either of these, so regardless of a full night of TV, this is on the top of my Tivo.

The official description: “A Peanuts twin bill. First (from 1975): Charlie keeps a vigil by the mailbox; Sally thinks Linus’ gift to his teacher is for her; and Lucy demands affection from Schroeder. Then (from 2002), Valentine’s Day finds the gang searching for love: Chuck pines for the little red-haired girl; Sally seeks a way to woo a reluctant Linus; Snoopy takes to his typewriter to author the perfect poem; and Peppermint Patty meets her competition for Mr. Brown’s affections.”

Also on tonight…


  • CBS: NCIS (Crime Drama)
  • CW: 90210 (Drama)
  • FOX: American Idol (Reality)
  • NBC: Biggest Loser: Couples (Reality)


  • ABC: Scrubs (Comedy)
  • CW: Privileged (Drama)
  • CBS: The Mentalist (Drama)
  • FOX: Fringe (Sci Fi Drama)
  • SCIFI: ECW (Wrestling)


  • ABC: Primetime: What Would You Do? (News)
  • CBS: Without a Trace (Crime Drama)
  • FX: Nip/Tuck (Medical Drama)
  • NBC: Dateline NBC (News)
  • TNT: Leverage (Drama)