Tonight we get two more episodes of Scrubs, starting at 9pm on ABC. I’ve enjoyed the new season a lot. In tonight’s first episode, Cox is overwhelmed by the pressure of his new job and must reach out to Dr. Kelso for assistance. While in the second episode, Ted falls for a ukulele player but needs back up to make the first move.

Also new tonight…


  • ABC: Homeland Security USA (Reality)
  • CBS: NCIS (Crime Drama)
  • CW: 90210 (Teen Drama)
  • FOX: American Idol (Reality)
  • NBC: Biggest Loser: Couples (Reality)


  • CW: Privileged (Drama)
  • FOX: Fringe (Sci Fi Drama)
  • MNT: Vice Squad (Reality)


  • ABC: Primetime: What Would You Do? (News)
  • NBC: Law & OrderL Special Victims Unit (Crime Drama)
  • TNT: Leverage (Crime Drama)
  • FX: Nip/Tuck (Medical Drama)