TV Flipped Column with PJ Flip

Monday night, another great show came to an end. Kyle XY aired its series finale after it was canceled a few weeks ago.  It seems every year a favorite show of mine comes to an end; Veronica Mars, The Dead Zone, Jericho, Prison Break

I finally got around to watching the finale of Kyle XY today on  I watch a lot of TV, pretty much everything except reality shows and medical shows, so I end up watching a lot of shows on the networks websites.  ABC Family has got the worst video player on the web, but more about that later.  Kyle XY came to an end and it left too many questions unanswered and opened up new questions.  I hate when shows get canceled and don’t get to resolve what’s going on.  Yeah, we find out Kyle turned out the way he did because he had the Tragers there to love him. But what about everything else? Luckily writer/co-producer Julie Plec answered some of the questions of what was to come if the show continued a few more seasons.  It would of been cool to actually see some of these things happen.

Back to ABC Family’s website. The video player just sucks.  The quality of the video is bad, it’s not wide screen, it’s not even really full screen (it’s in a box), you have to click continue after the commercials, the commercials sometimes stutter making them un-watchable, sometimes the video won’t even go to commercial it says I need to change some settings to watch videos on the site, and other times it doesn’t continue after a commercial.  The best sites to watch TV shows are CBS, Hulu, and The WB.  CBS has clear full wide screen picture, but some of their best shows aren’t offered on the site (like Ghost Whisperer, The Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, and Two and a Half Men).  Hulu also is a great place to watch shows from NBC, FOX and a bunch of other networks.  Hulu has a clear picture, full wide screen image, Hi Def, but they seem to be adding more and more commercial breaks.  The WB has a great picture also with a short commercial at the beginning of the shows.  I have only watched the short original series on The WB site, so I don’t know about the quality of the longer old shows that they have up.