Hey everyone, we still have 5 days until we find out Chuck’s fate! While things are looking positive, the campaign to Save Chuck is going to keep going until we hear that it is officially renewed for a third season.  Click here and here for past tips on how you can help save our favorite nerd from cancellation.

To help keep things fresh, I redesigned one of NBC’s old advertisements for the show into a Save Chuck postcard…

Save Chuck on NBC

Click here to get the full size image of this postcard for printing. Then send it to these two addresses:

    C/O Ben Silverman
    3000 W Alameda Ave
    Burbank, CA 91523
    100 Universal City Plaza
    Building 1320, 4th Floor
    Universal City, CA 91608

Have more suggestions to help Save Chuck? Feel free to leave comments with ideas! And don’t forget to keep checking the two Save Chuck Twitters (located here and here)!