Uncanny X-Men 510 Preview

To be honest, I gave up the X-Men comics for a while.  Don’t get me wrong, the 12 issue “Messiah Complex” crossover was awesome, but I felt like the line of X-Books couldn’t keep of the quality afterwards. I dropped the three core titles (has Ellis’ Astonishing X-Men had more than two issues?), Young X-Men, and X-Force, but keep following X-Factor (one of the best ongoings on the market) and Cable.

Recently, the X-Men ditched the mansion in Westchester (they could only keep rebuilding it so many times), and now moved to the Graymalkin Facility, a fortress like complex, in San Fransisco, where they were welcomed with open arms. They are working on their PR and trying to be proactive, instead of just defensive, for a change. Along with the move came new enemies, including the Hellfire Cult, and some familiar ones, including the Sisterhood run by an ultra powerful reincarnated Madelyn Pryor.

In the new issue, #510, the Sisterhood makes their move and attacks Graymalkin. What do they want? Will everyone survive? I’m not sure, but for the first time in a while, I’m interested to see what will happen to my favorite mutants. The issue came out last week and can currently be bought in stores and on news stands.

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