Chuck, NBC, Save Chuck

It is crunch time! NBC started to announce its schedule yesterday at a special “infront” presentation/news release. Missing from the announcement was any indication of Chuck’s fate. Rumors are making the rounds that it will be returning, but until we hear that from the peacock’s mouth, we can’t be sure, nor can we let up with the effort to SAVE CHUCK!

  • The most important, active, and up to date sources on all things “Save Chuck” related are the SaveChuck and Save_Chuck Twitter pages. If you are on Twitter, make sure to send messages to them and @NBC to show your support for our favorite spy/action/comedy/drama/romance!
  • Phasekitty sent me this link to the Unofficial Chuck Soundtrack. @justjody (on Twitter) took the time to put together an ultimate mix for Chuck fans by taking some of the best music used in the series and Give Me My Remote was kind enough to publish it with the music. While NBC might not be smart enough to push for an official soundtrack, at least we have this one to hold us off.
  • Don’t forget to take the time to send NBC a message through their online form, and while you are at it, send a message to Subway telling them that you just ate a $5 footlong to support Subway’s advertising on Chuck.
  • CNN took a look at fan’s efforts to save the series. As did too many news sites and blogs to count. Hopefully NBC has been doing some reading!
  • One of the best ways for us to be heard is to show how much we love the show. Register for the NBC message boards and post about how much you love the show! What network wouldn’t want to hear how much people love their show? This is one way to tell them directly and for others to see. The day after the final we signed up and started posting, as did a ton of other people. Lets keep this up.
  • Watch full episodes on Hulu and and click on the ads. This shows directly that Chuck can be successful and financially sound in non traditional ways. We have to remind NBC that TV ratings aren’t everything. We’ll watch online, buy DVDS and shirts, and even footlong sandwiches!

So, what are you going to do to help Save Chuck?