tv tonight abc, scrubs, lost

Your best best tonight is to put on ABC and leave it on. At 8pm we have the finale of Scrubs followed by a new Lost at 9pm.

For Scrubs, notice how I didn’t say series finale? Well, ABC hasn’t been saying it either in any of its advertising, which leads me to believe that the rumors of another season are true. As much as I love the current cast, I can picture the series continuing with new faces. If dramas like Law & Order and ER can do it, why can’t creative comedies? The writers got us to love these characters, why is to say that they can’t do that with a new round of doctors? In tonight’s episode, J.D. bids goodbye to Sacred Heart. But before he goes he wants to A) get a hug from Dr. Cox, and B) learn the Janitor’s name. You know what? I want to see those things also.

After Scrubs, hold on to your butt for the new episode of Lost. Last episode (spoiler) tragically took the life of Daniel Faraday, but not before he was able to figure out how to change the future.  Tonight, Jack and Kate struggle and fight over what to do next; risk killing everyone on the island to change the future or just let it happen…

Also on tonight (not that it really matters)…


  • CBS: New Adventures of Old Christine/Gary Unmarried (Comedies)
  • CW: America’s Next Top Model (Reality)
  • FOX: Lie to Me (Drama)
  • NBC: Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Crime Drama)
  • MNT: World’s Funniest Moments (Clipshow)


  • CBS: Criminal Minds (Crime Drama)
  • FOX: American Idol (Reality)


  • ABC: The Unusuals (Crime Drama)
  • CBS: CSI: NY (Crime Drama)
  • NBC: Law & Order (Crime Drama)