spiderman the clone saga

If there was ever a story that Marvel and fans alike wish could be redone, it was be the disaster that was Spider-Man’s Clone Saga. The whole storyline was a mess from start to finish with very little good coming out from it.  Well, rumor has it that Marvel will be retelling the story starting in September with a 6 issue limited series, Spider-Man: The Clone Saga. Not much is known about the book or even fully if it is real or not.  With the reboot of Spidy history that came from Brand New Day (including Harry Osbourn’s return from the grave and the undoing of Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s marriage), their is a lot of room to retell the Clone Saga in the new universe. How exactly would it be different if MJ wasn’t around? If she never got pregnant? Could Ben Reilly still be alive?  I’m intrigued but slightly worried about this possible series.  Are you willing to give the Clone Saga another go around?