M. Night Shyamalan came out of nowhere with The Sixth Sense, and then followed it with the comic superhero origin flick, UnbreakableUnbreakable was a decent film, not nearly as good as Sense, but compared to everything that M. Night has done since, it looks like gold.

Unbreakable followed David Dunn (Bruce Willis)’s journey as he discovers that there is something extraordinary about himself after he is the sole survivor of a devastating train crash. The movie was a by the book superhero origin tale; Dunn discovers his powers, trains, saves the day, finds out his one true weakness, and his “friend” Elijah Price (Samuel L Jackson) is discovered to be his true foe.  Everything about Unthinkable was setting up a bigger sequel, especially the lackluster anti-climax. Full screen credits. That was how M. Night decided to end the film. It was like they ran out of budget and just decided to describe the rest of the film. A letdown to an otherwise good film.

It has been nine years since the film was in theaters and it looks like M. Night is finally working on a sequel. The writer/director/producer/horrible actor spoke to MTV News and told them that he would love to make the film and that it would mainly be up to the cast and Disney being interested in making it.  Samuel L Jackson does a couple dozen films a year, so I think he’d be game, and Bruce Willis isn’t one to shy away from a sequel (heck, he even starred in The Whole 10 Yards).  With how bad M. Night’s recent films have been (well, EVERYTHNG after Signs), it might be good for him to pen a sequel to something that worked.  A stright forward superhero thriller isn’t that complicated, and I’d love to see M. Night Shyamalan make a good movie again.