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Posting this week’s edition of The Pit a little early because we’ll be taking the weekend off. Come back on Monday for the latest film, TV, comic, and video game news!

  • HBO has renewed True Blood, Entourage, and  Hung for new seasons! I love both True Blood and Entourage and will keep watching for as long as HBO makes them.  True Blood takes the vampire genre much further than I’d ever expect it to go on TV, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Entourage is just pure fun. And while I have not watched Hung yet, I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.
  • Miss Amy Poehler on “Weekend Update”? Than you’ll love this news, the SNL Alum and Parks and Recreation star will be returning to the desk for the first two episodes of Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update Thursday.  It is great that she isn’t straying too far from SNL, and she is the perfect co-anchor for Seth Meyers.
  • Okay, this is my last bit of TV news, I promise.  FX Network has signed Donal Logue for Shawn Ryan (The Shield)’s new series Terriers.  Logue is the perfect fit Hank, an ex-cop with maturity issues who partners with his best friend to open a P.I. business. Together they try to solve crimes while avoiding danger and responsibility.
  • Well, I did not see this coming, but I’m in no way against it! Variety is reporting that Ridley Scott will now be directing Fox’s Alien prequel. Earlier reports stated that Scott wanted Carl Erik Rinsch, a music video director, to helm the project but Fox wanted him to do it. Could it be that Fox finally did something that the fans agree with?
  • Week 4 of Superman from Wednesday Comics has been posted by USA Today.
  • Glenn McQuid’s I Sell the Dead is being adapted into a comic from Image. The first issue hits stands on October 7th. In case you missed the film, you can check out the trailer here. Dead is a period horror flick that revolves around two grave robbers.


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Chuck Me Out Logo

One of the many San Diego Comic-Con annoucements this past weekend including the all new Chuck community hub, Chuck Me Out! (incase you missed Comic-Con, you can watch the Chuck panel here)  Chuck Me Out! is a new site from NBC and the creators of Chuck that features all new videos, news, photos, and posters about the series along with message boards, videos, and exclusives for fans.

Included in the mix is a thermometer that is tracking views of Chuck episodes on with a goal of 1 million streams.  Check out the link above and catch up on episodes of Chuck and lets help reach that goal in a record time!  I’m not sure why this isn’t up with the Hulu video of the Chuck Comic-Con panel, but Jeffster opened the panel! Click here to rock along with them!

Lots and lots of cool stuff is coming out from the San Diego Comic-Con (the first one I haven’t attended in the past five years). At the end of the weekend, I’m going to have a special Comic-Con round-up version of The Pit with my thoughts on some of the news coming out of the con. I figure there are enough sites with round the clock coverage that are actually there, so I can back off this one. But I did see this poster online that was revealed at the con and I think it is too cool not to post!

Josh Brolin and Megan Fox in our first Jonah Hex movie poster! This is a film that can still go either way in my mind, but I trust Brolin as an actor and the source material is awesome. We’ll see. But for now, we can enjoy this poster…

Jonah Hex Poster

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superman usa today comic strip, free

USA Today is posting the Superman segment from DC Comics’ Wednesday Comics online!  As of this article, they have the first three weeks of Superman‘s new adventure posted. Wednesday Comics is a new 12-issue weekly comic book from DC that is in the format of classic newspapers strips and features a ton of different heroes, including Green Lantern, Metamorpho, Deadman, and Wonder Woman among others. The strip is written by John Arcudi with realy cool (as seen above) art from Lee Bermejo . Check out the comic strip for free here.

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