Armani Jeans Contest

Armani Exchange is having a huge denim sale and contest, where you can win a pair of jeans a day throughout all of July.

The text A|X contest is easy to enter and you can take home a pair (or more) of Armani Exchange’s premium denim jeans. To enter the contest, all that you have to do is text the keyword “DENIM2” to Armani (276264). It is as easy as that. I checked out the site and there is no limit on the amount of times that you can enter. These are expensive and high quality jeans.

The Armani Exchange is also having a big sale with their line of “New Premium Denim starting at $98”. The above picture showcases my favorite three pairs of $98 dollar jeans. Included in the mix are the J101R Relaxed, the J65 Straight, and the J101 Boot Cut jeans. The J101R is on the left of the picture and is a low rise, boot cut and relaxed fit pair of jeans. The J65 is the middle pair and is a regular rise pair of jeans with a straight leg and a classic fit. The J101 is my favorite pair of the line (pictures on the all the way right); it is a low rise, boot cut, with a classic fit.

In addition to the $98 dollar sale, Armani Exchange is offering a deal where if you buy a regular priced pair of jeans between 7/7/09 and 7/19/09, than you will receive a giftcard of $20 dollars off your next purchase of $100 dollars or more.

Head over to Armani Exchange for more details on the contest and the sale.