bride of frankenstein poster

This weekend, Cinespia is hosting a free screening of the classic Universal horror film, The Bride of Frankenstein. The screening is part of their summer Cemetery Screenings at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

The screening is on Saturday, July 18th. The gates open at 7:30pm with DJ Dave Orlando spinning music before the film starts at 9pm. While it is a “free Screening”, they ask for a 10 dollar donation at the door. Hollywood Forever Cemetery is located at 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles.

The event’s official description: “Sparkling wit, monster pathos and mad science, Bride has it all. Directed with an easy playfulness, it is suprisingly sharp, sophisticated and funny, and truly one of the great horror films of all time. Starring Boris Karloff in his most famous role as Frankenstein, the film is as compelling now as when it was first made. Elsa Lanchester is brilliant as the bride of frankenstein, the best monster of all time!” For more information, you can out Cinespia’s official website.

This is a perfect time to catch a screening of The Bride of Frankenstein, with the recent news that Universal is remaking it.