Have you or your loved ones been subject to the truTV effect? Well then, maybe it is about time!

truTV is a network that is completely devoted to real-life stories that are told in a first-person perspective. They strive to give viewers access to locations, situations, events, and people that they can’t normally experience. The network has a slate of high-stakes, action-packed originals that put you directly into the real-life drama and make you a part of the event.

truTV has the type of programs that cause viewers to have physical reactions to. Do you have a friend that gets so into the action that he hits the people next to him, another friend that spits food out of their, or one of those friends that laughts so hard that drinks come out of his nose? Than truTV is perfect for them.

On the truTV website you can watch a ton of real-life videos including everything from car chases, clueless criminals, drug busts, police incidents, taser attacks, naked thieves, fights, accidents, and more! The website also features videos from truTV shows, including The Smoking Gun Presents, Most Shocking, Speeders, Bait Car, Crisis Point, and Disorder in the Court.

When I watch TV and videos Online, I like to laugh and yell at the screen, how do you watch it?

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