Kevin Smith Rules

Kevin Smith is awesome. Okay, so you already know that.  I’m not a big fan of Twitter, but Smith has had me hooked into it for the last 24 hours as he has been non-stop Q&A Tweeting over @ThatKevinSmith.  While his 24 hour marathon is coming to a close, you can still back read his hysterical answers and comments. If you’ve never seen him speak in person, this might be the closest thing possible to it. Here are a few select Tweets…

Via @Nick_Sydney “Would you rather have Thor’s hammer or Darth Maul’s double sided lightsabre.” Neither: Hal’s Oan power ring.

Via @BobaFett_ “Who would win in fist fight UFC style between Gary Coleman&that Webster kid?” Winner: bike shop perv Arnold blew whistle on.

Via @figgerella07 “what gave u the idea to tweet 24hrs straight?” Just wondered if I could. With a hair over six hours to go, answer is yes.

Via @abczoomom “Any idea how many tweets so far?” Nearly seven hundred. S’not the quantity but the quality. Some quality Tweets in there.