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We shut down the offices for a two week fall break and television news explodes! Not only do we have to catch up on our overloaded Tivo, but we gotta swim through all of the news, rumors, casting, and drama.  So I present, a special TV-inspired Pit.

  • No new word on its start date, but Chuck fans can rejoice, we just got an additional 6 episodes for the new season bringing us at least 19 episodes for the third season of the spy/adventure/romance/comedy.
  • I don’t know about you, but I’ve been enjoying Melrose Place, matched with 90210, it fills my guilty pleasure quota (left by The OC).  So it saddens me that due to ratings (blah, the system blows) The CW is revamping the series, making it much lighter (good-bye murder mystery) and clearing out part of the cast (wait and see, I don’t want to spoil the mystery like other sites).
  • The new Turk (Donald Faison) and Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) led Scrubs will be premiering on December 1st at 9pm on ABC.   The series sifts its focus from Sacred Heart Hospital to a medical school where Turk and Dr. Cox are teaches, others including Zack Braff and Sarah Chalke will be making guest spots throughout the season.
  • Watch Dollhouse! Go, now, watch it! It is the most improved show of the season and at this rate it is likely to be canceled due to low ratings.
  • ABC Family has set the start dates for The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Make It or Break It, and Greek. They will air in that order starting at 8pm on January 25th.
  • While the news about Dollhouse is a little grim, there is some light at the end of the Joss Whedon tunnel, he will be helming an episode of my favorite new series, GLEE! I can’t think of a better director for them to use.

More TV news will be coming soon, along with the continuation of the TV Flipped column. Thanks for the continued support of the site.

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Chuck on NBC

The Ausiello Files over on EW’s site is reporting that Chuck, the best damn spy/action/comedy/romance on television, might be airing more than 5 months in advance of its scheduled season 3 premiere date! And that if the show does well, we could get a full season order instead of the 13 episodes we are getting now.

Chuck was renewed after a lengthy Save Chuck campaign that involved a lot of Subway sandwiches, tweeting, online viewings, and non-stop emailing. Chuck Me Mondays have still been going strong to keep people interested in the show in the downtime.  Are you excited about the possible early airing? Would you rather it air in October or wait for it in March?