NBC Chuck Comic Book

Are you as impatient as I am waiting for the new season of Chuck to begin? Thankfully we don’t have to wait until March for new episodes, but January still feels like it is really far away. Thankfully there is a ton of Chuck content online for die-hard fans like myself.

NBC.com has released excerpts from the sixth issue of the Chuck online in both animated and interactive formats. In the new issue, Chuck’s life is in a literal free-fall after he is thrown out of a plane without a chute. How will everyone’s face geek turned super spy survive? Well, read to see. In addition, the issue features a back up story that shows how a ten year old Devon become Captain Awesome. An awesome prequel? You bet. The comic is published by Wildstorm.

Also online are a ton of goodies, including Morganuptials, a funny look at Morgan and Anna’s living agreement, Chuck’s Brain, puzzles and games, and we can’t forget the official site for Jeffster (which needs no description)! You can check out all of NBC’s Chuck exclusives here.