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It is almost time for new episodes of NBC’s Chuck. In the march towards new episodes, the makers of Chuck are holding a contest that could get you featured in a Chuck ad during the season premiere. Check out the video below, then head over here for the full details.

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dishnetworkHave you ever though of switching to dish network? Now, more than ever you might have a good reason to look into making the switch.

Due to negotiations that have gone south, 12 million Time Warner Cable subscribers might lose all Fox Network Stations midnight tonight, this includes Fox, FX, the Fox News Network (and others). Dish Network subscribers will not lose any stations. Even if Time Warner Cable is able to make a last minute deal, there is no telling what will happen the next time they have negotiations with a major broadcast network.

What does Dish Network have to offer? They have a package (the Classic Bronze Package) that is as low as $19.99 a month.  This package includes more than 100 digital channels and 50 HD channels, these channels include ESPN, Disney, Nickelodeon, SyFy, Spike, E!, A&E, and a ton of others. The package also includes more than 30 music channels with a lot of variety, including Big Band Era, Urban Beat, Light Classical, and Hawaiian Music.

Another great package is the America’s Everything Pak. This deal is $82.98 a month (for 12 months) from more than 250 channels. This is the perfect package for movie fans as it gives you access to 31 commercial-free premium movie channels, including Showtime, HBC, Cinemax, Starz, Encore, IFC, Lifetime Movie Network, and others. It also includes more than 45 sports channels, more than 15 education/learning channels, and more than 100 audio music channels.

Check out the link above to see all of the Dish Network deals and find one that is right for you.

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Rudolphs Shiny New Year

Tonight at 8pm on ABC you can watch one of the weirdest Holiday movies (and sequels) ever put to film, Rudolph’s Shiny New Year. The red nosed reindeer saved Christmas, so the next logical step would be to send him on a time traveling adventure with a caveman to find a baby and save New Years. Oh wait, did I say logical? Either way, Rudolph’s Shiny New Year has to be witnessed to be believed, so you should watch it whenever ou get a chance on actual TV. Plus, there isn’t much else on against it (you have an NCIS rerun on CBS, The Benchwarmers on FOX, and a Parks and Recreation marathon on NBC).

The only new things on tonight?


  • MNT: Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (Game Show)


  • CBS: Kennedy Center Honors (Special)


  • ABC: Better Off Ted (Comedy)


  • ABC: 20/20 (News Showcase)
  • SYFY: ECW (Wrestling)

If you watch Rudolph’s Shiny New Year tonight and decide that you need to own it, then you can get it off Amazon on the Classic Christmas Favorites DVD. The Holiday special DVD set also comes with Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Year Without a Santa Claus, and Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July.

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The Pit v3 Logo

Happy Holidays everyone! We’ll keep updating through New Years, just at a bit of a slower rate (as we have been this past week). Thanks for checking out the site!

  • Owen Wilson provides the voice for the newspaper comic strip dog turned movie Marmaduke. Sadly, his voice and the opening shot makes me think its Marley and Me 2. Click here to give it a look. Did anyone know they were making the dog talk?
  • After 23 years Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins have split up. What? Seriously? I guess no Hollywood couples are safe, no matter how long they’ve been together or how happy they seem.  On a side note, Sarandon is wonderful in The Lovely Bones. She deserves some Oscar supporting actress love.
  • Warner Brothers have released a synopsis for their DC Comics adaptation of the Losers.  “An explosive tale of double cross and revenge, The Losers centers upon the members of an elite U.S. Special Forces unit sent into the Bolivian jungle on a search and destroy mission. The team — Clay, Jensen, Roque, Pooch and Cougar — find themselves the target of a lethal betrayal instigated from inside by a powerful enemy known only as Max. Presumed dead, the group makes plans to even the score when they’re joined by the mysterious Aisha, a beautiful operative with her own agenda. Working together, they must remain deep undercover while tracking the heavily-guarded Max, a ruthless man bent on embroiling the world in a new high-tech global war.”
  • There are a lot of movies opening this weekend! For the older crowd we have Maryl Streep and Alec Baldwin in It’s Complicated.  For the kiddies there is Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.  For the ladies there is the musical Nine. For the guys there is the action re-invention of Sherlock Holmes from Guy Ritchie. And for both kinds of adults we have Up in the Air with George Clooney expanding, and Heath Ledger’s final film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.


Looking for Anime online? Animax is a pretty cool website that features original Japanese animation and popular Anime programs, some of which have never been seen outside of Japan. The website also features news, music, and games.

One of the biggest shows the site features is Idaten jump. The series focuses on a kid and his two best friends, all of which are mountain bikers. They get transported to an alternate world and face off in races through volcanoes, deserts, ghost towns and other really cool places. The show is fast paced and filled with adventure.

Another show they feature is Lost City Raiders. The Anime series takes place in 2048. Earth has been flooded and a father/son team try to salvage treasures from sunken buildings around the world.

Games wise, for the past week I’ve been addicted to the Alien Attack game. The game is a new version of the classic game Invaders, and while destroying aliens is pretty easy, it is also strangely addictive.

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Bryan Singer X-Men First Class

I have been waiting for this news for a while! Bryan Singer is returning to the X-Men film series and will be helming an origin/prequel X-Men: First Class.

The film will likely be Wolverine-less and focus on Professor Xavior’s first class of students, established in the prior films as Jean Grey (maybe now they can call her Marvel Girl), Scott Summers (Cyclops), Hank McCoy (The Beast), and Ororo Munroe (Storm). This differs from the comic’s first class, which included Angel and Iceman, who joined the team later in the movies.

Going back to an origin/prequel is both good and bad. It lets us avoid the horrible conclusion of X-Men: The Last Stand, and gives Singer the freedom to do something new with fresh young faces.  X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a bad film, but some of the young versions of the team worked well. Tim Pocock as Scott Summers was a good fit, and Tahyna Tozzi looked the part of Emma Frost. What are the chances that First Class could be the team against the Hellfire Club? Would be awesome, but I doubt we’ll ever see it. I didn’t like Taylor Kitsch as Gambit upon first viewing, but he has been growing on me in repeat viewings. With a better script, and better director, I think he could be good.

X-Men vs Mr. Sinister? The “First Class” meets the Morlocks? There are so many possibilites for this film and sequels. Maybe they could have Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine pull a “Days of Future Past” type of deal and come from a Sentinel run future to stop it. Hopefully, with Singer back at the helm, X-Men will be as great as it can be.

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