There are only 11 days until Christmas and Chanukah has already begun. Where are you at with your Holiday shopping? We’re gong to have a look at a few more possible gifts for your favorite geek, and a great place to shop for them.

Today we’re going to spotlight ShopWiki UK for our friends that live in the UK (there is also a ShopWiki for the US). ShopWiki UK is an online shopping directory that lets you search for products and shows you prices from more than 30,000 different stores. This lets you compare and find a price that might work best for you. What did we do before we had Internet searching?

All geeks, whether they love movies, television, comics, or technology, have one thing in common. They all need a good digital camera. One good option is the Canon PowerShot series. Canon has put together a good camera with a wild variety of models. They range from 5 to 14.7 megapixels, and there is an affordable model for pretty much anyone. The cameras are built for pointing anf shooting, so they are good even if who you are buying it for isn’t a tech geek. Another option is the Nikon Coolpix. I recently used one of these on a vacation and I loved it. It is small and very light weight. I could fit it into my khakis pockets and always have it when we were on the move.  Both the Canon and the Nikon are affordable, but worth your dollar.

If neither of these cameras work for you, ShopWiki UK has a guide to Digital Cameras that might be useful to helping you find the right camera at a good price. They go in depth about pixels, compression, memory, and break different cameras into different categories to make it easier to find what you want.