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We post a lot about Hollywood and filmmaking, but one thing I tend to stay away from when posting articles is skincare and dermatology. Keeping good care of yourself is important for everyone, especially actors, but more and more it is becoming important for directors, writers and even producers to look good.  Every DVD includes behinds the scenes videos, interviews, and they are also used online to promote films and TV shows. The crew in many cases is becoming the face of the project.

Sometimes, having the right dermatology location is key to looking your best.  Celibre has a Los Angeles and Orange County location. They provide laser tattoo removal in Los Angeles, and a ton of other laser and injection treatments for everything from acne treatment, scar removal, and wrinkles to spider veins and stretch mark removal, among a lot of other procedures. If you are looking for Los Angeles Dermatology, they might be right for you.