Nip Tuck's Final Season Starts Now

Tonight at 10pm on FX, the final season of Nip/Tuck begins.  Yeah, it has only been 3 weeks since the last season ended, but I think this is a good time for the series to go to bed. And I’m really happy that they have had the proper time to end it their way. As the new season opens, Christian and Sean are heading back to Miami to accept an award from their alma mater, and what better time would the show have to take us back to the way beginning and show us more of their college years.

Nip/Tuck used to be one of those shows that I had to watch.  Through season three I never missed an episode, than sadly the show began going to a very bad place. None of the characters were likable and I just couldn’t care for the stories anymore. I’m hoping that the final season surprises me. I hope that I can just jump in (like the final season of Monk) and enjoy the hell out of it. We’ll see.

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