NBC Chuck Comic BookI feel like the current season of TV is flying by! Can you believe that we are 4 hours into the last 17 hours of Lost ever? And how great has the new season of Chuck been?  Who would have thought that both Brandon Routh and Kristen Kreuk would fit seamlessly into the cast? I want them both to join up full time (esp the ex-Superman).

So, have you been too busy? Miss some TV? Well, be thankful for the Internet, cause most of the good stuff is offered online for free viewing!

In the latest episode of Lost, we get a look at the life of John Locke in the “other world”, while Sawyer learns more about the island from the Smoke Monster.  I have to admit, the “other world” Locke has been the most interesting stuff about the character since season 1.  I haven’t been much of a fan of his, but I like where they are going with this and for the first time I’m interested to see where he will end up.

Over on Chuck, our favorite nerd herder is getting pretty damn good at the spy game.  “Chuck versus the Mask” sees Chuck and new (sorta almost) galpal Hannah (Kristin Kreuk) on a mission together, the only problem is that she isn’t a spy.

In the new episode of The Office, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! Manager that is. Who will keep the job? Michael or Jim? Is there really any question here?  I also have to add, I’ve really been enjoying Kathy Bates on the show. She’s a nice addition to the cast.

This next link is from Phasekitty, on the CW. The show is in the vein of old school WB shows (Dawson’s Creek anyone?).

What did you watch this week?