Since I started My Hollywood Dream I get contacted to talk about a lot of different products and websites.  Everything from travel, to Dish Network, and even Tofurkey Soda. But with out a doubt, has some of the coolest products that I’ve had a pleasure to browse. On the image above, you can see hoodies that mimic DC Comics heroes Aquaman and Batman’s costumes and a wicked T-shirt that is styled after the Joker’s costume. These are so freaking badass. In addition to these, they have a Wonder Woman costume styled T-shirt, and for Marvel Comics fans they have ones for Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and the Hulk.

In addition to the superhero stuff, they have Junk Food Tees, Movie, TV, Vintage, Halloween, Sports, and Video Game Tees (to name a few of their categories). Here are three more examples of shirts they sell…


The Pinky and the Brain shirt takes me back to my childhood, I’ve never seen a cool shirt like this that features them before. The Chuck Norris shirt is pretty cool also, they have a bunch of different Norris ones. This is my favorite of the mix. I’ve also seen a lot of comics book character shirts in the past, but this Hulk vs Thing shirt is awesome on so many levels. The shirt focuses on one of my favorite comic book rivalries.

You can also check them out on the Thatsmyshirt Fan Page over on Facebook.

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