Recently I had the pleasure of going to see Family Guy Live and the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Nightman Cometh musical on stage. These were the first two shows I have seen in a while, and they were awesome! So much fun. It reminded me that I have to get out more and do stuff. And that is where sites like come in handy.

The website is a privately owned ticket agency that buys and resells tickets. They specialize in securing tickets to really hard to get into venues and events. They also sell tickets to a wide variety of events; including concerts, festivals, musicals, plays, sporting events, dog shows, circus events, and comedy shows to name a few.

Need St. Pete Times Forum Tickets? They got them. How about Sesame Street Live Tickets? Yup those also. Wanna catch the Lakers and need Staples Center Tickets? You’ve guessed it, they have ’em.

I think that the next event I attend is going to be a concert. Any suggestions on who I should see? What live events do you go to?