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The official trailer for Resident Evil: Afterlife has been released (and can be viewed below). I can’t think of another awesome video game franchise that has had the misfortune to be butchered for four (count them, four) horrible film adaptations.

In Afterlife, writer/director Paul W.S. Hack Anderson continues the journey of Alice (aka his wife Milla Jovovich), who attempts to help survivors find a safe haven. This time they try going to Los Angeles, which is (you guessed it!) overrun by horrible looking CGI zombies. Will they survive?

I give Anderson’s Resident Evil film series a lot of shit, but they have entered the class of being so bad that I enjoy them. Will I see Afterlife in theaters? Hell no. But I’m sure I’ll enjoy it some day via Netflix or HBO.

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The third season of the vampire drama True Blood is getting closer, and with it approaching we get another new teaser poster for the series.


I’ve loved the style of posters HBO has produced for this series from the beginning, and this one just adds to the awesomeness. I’m also looking forward to the new season which begins in a little over two months.

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