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Lindsay Lohan has a lot of (very) public issues and I really hope that they stop overshadowing her work, because Inferno looks pretty interesting. The film is the (tragic?) story of pornstar Linda Lovelace, of Deep Throat fame, who later went on to become an anti-pornography activist. The poster has a very cool and striking 70s style to it.

Inferno Movie Poster

PJ found this video, but I couldn’t resist reposting it because it is pretty darn awesome. I’d go see this in theaters…

Also, don’t forget that we’re always looking for new funny videos to feature! Share yours with us through our Contact page.

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Avengers Prime issue 1, Thor, Ironman, Captain America

Okay, I know that I’m been focusing on Marvel titles a lot lately, but what can I say the Heroic Age stuff has peaked my interest.  In Avengers Prime #1 we get Marvel’s big three (Iron Man, Thor, and Steve Rogers, the original Captain America) back together and face to face. After everything that has gone on the past year, how could they ever trust each other again? I’m not sure but they will have to find out as a threat only their combined might can face is ready to tear apart the world. The issue hits stands on June 2nd, 2010.

Also out on June 2nd; DC Comics has Brightest Day #3, Dark Horse has Serenity: Float Out, and Image Comics has Invincible #72. What will you be getting next week?

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Friday Night Lights

What? Every show has had its season finale you say? What new TV is left? Well, for those of us without a Dish, we still have new episodes of Friday Night Lights.  The show airs at 8pm on NBC.

Tonight, Eric has to be creative to drum up excitement for his team during East Dillon’s homecoming, while over at Dillion the boosters go after Tami.  I can’t wait to see her fight back.  I’m sure somewhere in the mix we’ll get a football game.

Also on tonight? Not much… it might be a good time to watch shows you didn’t this past season online.


  • FOX: Past Life (Reality)
  • MNT: Friday Night SmackDown! (Wrestling)


  • ABC: 20/20 (News showcase)
  • NBC: Dateline NBC (News showcase)


  • The Soup Presents (Comedy Clipshow)

North by Northwest and Purple Rain Posters

This weekend the Cinespia Cemetery Screening series are showing two classic (and wildly different) films in Los Angeles over the weekend (for free!). First up, on Saturday May 29th is (my personal favorite film) Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, then on Sunday they are screening Prince’s Purple Rain.

North by Northwest official description:

Hitchcock’s quintessential comedy-thriller is a roller coaster of suspense and humor. An advertising executive is mistaken for another man by foreign spies, and the ruthless killers chase him across the midwest as he tries to clear his name.The most memorable and iconic sequences in cinema abound in this film as Hitchcock directs incomparable performances by Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint and James Mason. One of the all time greats!!!

Purple Rain official description:

Prince stars in this tale of a misunderstood musician struggling to get his music accepted as he zooms around Minneapolis on a purple motorcycle. Prince and the Revolution are at their best in the electrifying concert scenes, where the rock god is captured on film at height of his powers. A sexy debut by Apollonia and the madcap villainy of Morris Day and the Time add to the fun.

For both days, the gates open at 7pm and the films begin at 8:30pm @ the Hollywood Forever Cemetery (6000 Santa Monica Boulevard at Gower).  While the screening is free, they do ask for a $10 donation at the gate.

Final Destination Comic

Are you a fan of the Final Destination film series? Than you might dig this comic from New Line Cinema and Zenescope Entertainment.  Final Destination: Spring Break was a 5 issue mini series written by Mike Kalvoda with art by Lan Medina (issues 1 through 3) and Rodel Noora (issues 4 and 5).

The comic book doesn’t feature any characters from the movies, but is a stand alone story focuses on a few friends who are on Spring Break when “death” finds them. Here is the official description:

A group of college friends head to Cancun, Mexico for spring break but their partying is quickly cut short when a hotel fire and subsequent explosion kills hundreds of people. Only a terrifying premonition by Carly, one of the girls in the group, saves the lives of her and her friends. Shaken but unharmed, The group decides to stay in Mexico and make the best of their trip, but Carly knows deep down that grave danger lingers on the horizon and soon realizes that when you cheat death, it always comes back to collect.

The whole first issue has been put online (via Newsarama), click here to check it out! If you want to buy the trade, click on the link below (there are a few Final Destination novels also):

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Emma Roberts Joins Scream 4

Emma Roberts has joined Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox-Arquette, and David Arquette in Wes Craven’s Scream 4. Roberts is rumored to be portraying Campbell’s high school aged cousin in the horror flick, and the central character in the new film. From the above picture, I could definitely see a family resemblance.

While this is the first official casting, other rumored casting has included Lake Bell as a Wosoboro cop, Hayden Panettiere as a film geek, and Ashley Greene and Rory Culkin in unknown roles. We have no real confirmation if any of these will actually pan out. Personally, I hope that Hayden Panettiere is no where near this film.  Especially not in a Randy-like role.

Am I the only one that wants to see Patrick Dempsey’s Detective Mark Kincaid and Heather Matarazzo’s Martha Meeks return? Having a detective in the mix would help as the murder mystery unfolds, and if we can’t have Randy, than his kid sister is the next best thing.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more casting news in the near future as the film starts lensing in June in Michigan.  Kevin Williamson penned the script.

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