Heroes, Season 3

It is true… Heroes has been canceled.

No, I’m not surprised either, but I am saddened that the show was never able to realize its full potential. That mis-leadership, along with poor writing and bad character choices made what should have been my favorite show on TV (and for a short time came close) completely unwatchable. Heroes was a live-action X-Men series.  There were endless stories they could tell and with a revolving cast the show could have gone on indefinitely.  Instead, they rehashed the same plot devices time and again, alienated the most interesting characters, and keep killing characters just to bring them back to live.  They should have learned from their mistakes and learned from the mistakes of comic books (I.E. the endless resurrections), which the show was inspired from. The show never did and I guess it is better off being canceled. I wouldn’t want to be disappointed in another season like the past three. Zackary Quinto spoke on his personal blog about the show’s end, and Greg Grunberg tweeted about it.

Thankfully, Chuck was renewed. I have a reason to continue watching TV next year.