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It has been a while since we’ve done one of these, but welcome back to The Pit!

  • Have a mentioned recently how freaking awesome it is that Lost got an extra half hour added to its finale. Any additional Lost will make me excited! Nervously awaiting the finale.
  • MTV has put into production their own (tamed down) version of the hit UK series, Skins. The network also recently announced a TV adaptation of one of the best horror/zombie films of all time, Dawn of the Dead. I doubt Dead will ever see the air (and I hope it doesn’t).
  • Chuck hasn’t been renewed yet, WTF. Help support the show by watching it Online. We’ve added the latest episodes to our side bar via Hulu. Every viewer (both Online and on TV) helps!
  • Comic Preview: Amazing Spider-Man #631.  Hitting stores on May 12th, 2010, “Shed” continues as does the “Gauntlet” as Spider-Man is forced to battle the Lizard.  Will Curt Connors be able to regain control? Or will he make the biggest mistake of his life?
  • It was great to see Martha Kent and Perry White back on Smallville (even if they were awkwardly together). Here is hoping that either one of them returns to the show next season (Perry would make an awesome regular!!!).  Click here to watch the episode on the CW website.

We’ll be back with another edition of The Pit this weekend!