This guest post written by Dirk Stanton.

I love my Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Everyone always says, “I need more time.” Well, I can say, “I have more time” thanks to my DVR. I enjoy Law & Order and all of the Law & Order spinoffs including Law & Order SVU and Law & Order Criminal Intent. I even watch the reruns! Now, that’s a lot of Law & Order each week.

I became so obsessed that I had to limit myself to only 5 shows each week; this added up to 5 hours of my time. Now that I have a DVR attached to my Expert Satellite TV box I can record my shows and watch them when I want. I can even fast forward through the recap at the beginning of the series and all of the commercials. This saves me almost 20 minutes per episode or 100 minutes each week.

Although, the original Law & Order may be ending, a new spinoff set in Los Angeles is schedule to begin this fall. I will be ready to record it with my DVR. Maybe I can find a new series to watch with all my extra time.