Guest post from Patty Summers.

I looked very long for good direct tv deals, and I’m glad I did. I signed up for it and haven’t looked back since. I will admit it, I am a sucker for reality shows. I’m not proud of it but, it is my guilty pleasure. My Digital Video Recorder and my satellite TV service is all I need to spy in on the lives of people losing weight, a family with eight kids and washed up celebrities trying to get back in the public’s eye.

I thinking having a DVR increased my addiction since I can easily skip the commercials. Now when they go to a commercial just before some big event in the show I can just zoom past the them in a few seconds. I guess my favorite show right now is Biggest Loser. It’s probably the one reality show I don’t fee so guilty watching. Of course, you can’t sit and eat a snack when watching it! The transformations the contestants go through in just a few weeks is amazing.

I just finished watching the Celebrity Apprentice, another of my favorite shows. I didn’t give the show a shot at first because I’m not really a fan of Donal Trump but over time the show has grown on me and I watch it every week now.

So now that I have confessed my love for reality TV it is time for me to go set my DVR to record TLC’s Kate Plus Eight